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Making sure your legacy goes to the right people.



More than 60% of UK adults do not have a Will and even though most people will consider making a Will, many simply just do not get around to doing so.  Some people find the prospect daunting, for others its something they'd rather not think about.


A few things you should consider:


  • If you're single your estate could be left to your friends , your family or a charity of your choice.

  • If you're not married you'd be wrong to assume that your partner will automatically receive your estate.

  • If  your partner remarries your children could be literally left out in the cold and a new family could inherit what your children should have received.

  • If you have children or Grandchildren and you don't appoint guardians to look after those under 18 a court may have to make decisions about where they live. They may even be taken into care whilst the court decides. Also, an out of date Will may now need to be amended to include your Grandchildren.


Protect your assests. Reduce Inheritance Tax and provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.


Let us guide you through the process to ensure that what happens to your family and property is what you intended.



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